How Much Sugar Babies Make From Sugar Daddies [The Ultimate Guide]

Whether you’re new to the world of sugar daddies, or you just want to check that you’re getting paid exactly what you’re worth, money is a very important aspect of sugar baby and daddy relationships.

Many sugar babies are actually getting caught out nowadays, and not getting paid the amount they should be for the time they’re dedicating to the relationship.

How Much Sugar Babies Make From Sugar Daddies [The Ultimate Guide]

If you want to make sure that you’re charging the right amount of money for your services, we’ve compiled a handy guide that you can refer to.

Below, we list some of the most common rates laid out by sugar babies, (see also: 10 Scams To Avoid As A Sugar Baby)as well as some handy tips on how you can broach the subject of payment in a new relationship. 

To find out more, simply keep reading below. 

How Much Should Sugar Babies Charge Per Meet? 

Before we get into things, we first need to clarify that sugar babies will typically charge either after each visit, or on a monthly basis.

Monthly payments tend to be made after the sugar baby/daddy relationship is well established. 

Before this happens, most sugar babies will charge their daddies for each visit or date they spend with them. The amount that sugar babies will charge per visit will be largely based on where they live.

In areas where the living costs are much higher, such as New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, the charges will be bigger. 

The lowest amount that a sugar baby should request from her daddy after a single visit should be around 300 dollars. Any less than that probably isn’t worth the amount of time dedicated to the venture. 

The highest amount of money sugar babies typically request from their sugar daddy is anywhere from 500 – 1800 dollars. Bear in mind that the latter figure is based on the earnings of some of the top sugar babies (see also: Top 10 Best Places To Find Sugar Babies In Los Angeles)in the US. 

The average amount of money that women will typically ask for a single visit will be around 500 dollars. 

If you’re new to the world of sugar baby/daddy relationships, you might not feel comfortable charging a higher sum at first. That’s okay though, and just remember that you’re the one in charge. 

How Much Should Sugar Babies Charge Per Month? 

As we mentioned above, sugar babies will often opt to get paid by their daddy’s directly into their bank account on a monthly basis.

This is great for more established relationships, and makes things far easier than having to keep track of individual visits and payments. 

This allowance is similar to individual visits in the sense that it varies depending on the location. Women living in larger cities will typically charge more. 

The lowest amount that sugar babies typically charge sugar daddies per month is around 2000 dollars. 

On the other end of the spectrum, the highest amount that sugar babies will typically charge per month can range anywhere from 6000 to 10000 dollars. 

The average amount that sugar babies will charge on a monthly basis will be around 3000. 

What Aspects Influence Price? 

As well as living in cities where the cost of living is high, there are also other factors that influence how much sugar babies will charge. 

One of the key things is intelligence and education. Essentially, the more educated the sugar baby is, the more sugar daddies will be willing to pay for their company.

As well as this, age can be a big factor, and most sugar daddies will like to have a younger woman on their arm. 

In addition, appearance will also be a big thing, and the more attractive a sugar baby is, the more she can charge for her services. 

Another additional aspect that many people don’t consider is how far away the sugar baby lives from their daddy.

If they live particularly far away, the sugar daddy will also be expected to pay for travel costs too. This includes any trains, planes, or other form of transportation. 

Is Monthly Or Pay By Visit Better? 

The way in which you collect your money is completely up to you, and whether you’d prefer to get it after each visit, or on a monthly basis. 

Getting the money after each visit can be a great option if you don’t want to meet up too often with your sugar daddy. Perhaps you don’t feel as though you click with him, and aren’t interested in making your relationship full time. 

This is also a great option if you’re seeing more than one sugar daddy at the same time(see also: Can You Have A Sugar Daddy And A Boyfriend At The Same Time?). This way, you can add a little bit of variety to your sugar daddy (see also: Sugar Safety 101: What Are The Risks And Dangers Of Having A Sugar Daddy?)dating life, without having to commit to one single person.

Finally, another great aspect of paying per visit is that you can end the relationship at any point if it’s not working without any hassle. 

Paying on a monthly basis can be a great option for some sugar babies, however, depending on the relationship.

For example, if it’s a long term relationship spanning over two months, and you’re satisfied with it, paying on a monthly basis can really simplify things. 

As well as this, you have control over how often you arrange dates with your sugar daddy. You can set a specific number of dates and visits based on your monthly allowance.

Having a plan to stick to such as this can make things a lot easier. 

Tips For Discussing Payment 

If you’re new to the world of sugar daddy/baby relationships, navigating your way through the financial aspect can be tricky, but it doesn’t need to be. 

Broaching the subject of money on the first date can seem intimidating, but nonetheless, it’s important to talk about early on.

You don’t, however, want to be overly brazen and off putting in the way that you bring it up, so there are some rules you should follow. 

On your first date with your sugar daddy, make sure to be as polite and courteous as possible, making small talk to ease yourself into the date.

You don’t want to spend too much time talking about yourself, and asking questions about your sugar daddy is a great method of flattery, as well as giving you a chance to get to know them better. 

After a few hours of chatting, and you feel comfortable in their presence, then you can bring up the topic of money.

Ask them how much they’d be willing to pay for your services, and if it’s below what you’re willing to accept, politely tell them that it is too low. 

Final Thoughts

Sugar babies will typically charge per visit, or on a monthly basis for their services. The average sugar baby will charge around 500 dollars per visit, or 6000 dollars if the payments are made monthly. 

Approaching the topic of money early on is important, as it can help you to figure out if you and your sugar daddy are on the same page.

Riley Wilson