10 Scams To Avoid As A Sugar Baby

Sugar dating has grown in popularity over recent years. Many young girls, however, believe that sugar dating is a simple method to get quick money, but there are more difficulties than you might imagine.

10 Scams To Avoid As A Sugar Baby

Scammers target the sugar industry more than other dating apps because sugar relationships are built on mutual benefits rather than romantic passion.

Beginner sugar babies who are careless easily fall victim to sugar daddy scams, leaving them in crippling debt. Therefore, it is best to educate oneself before looking for a sugar daddy.

To help you avoid sugar daddy scams, we’ve put together this article so you can gain a better understanding of the scams you might face as a sugar baby.

Sugar Daddy Scams

There are always a few rotten apples in any dating pool, including the realm of sugar dating. In your pursuit of a sugar daddy, you will almost certainly run into some fakers, time-wasters, and salt daddies.

You can safeguard yourself against these unwanted individuals, though, as long as you are aware of the scams that are out there.

1. The Nude Photos Scam

This scam is common in all areas of online dating, and is one you’re likely to come across while sugar dating.

It involves a man who comes across as a rich and generous sugar daddy, telling you that he’s interested, but wants you to send him nude photos.

The sugar daddy might make a high offer for your private photos, which might make you consider it, but this is not something you should do.

More often than not, the fake sugar daddy only wants your photos for his own personal satisfaction and has no intention of giving you anything in return. In the worst case scenario, he might even use your photos against you to blackmail you in exchange for money. 

2. The Beggar Scam

This is a classic scam in the world of sugar dating.

Again, a scammer will pretend to be a rich sugar daddy, looking to shower you with money and gifts. But, after earning your trust over a period of time, they will begin to ask you for money, giving you countless excuses.

He could say he needs cash for business, or he’s unfamiliar with online transfers, but this is a carefully planned out scam. A real sugar daddy would not need financial help, and even if they did, they would never turn to their sugar baby.

3. The Date Place Scam

Some fake sugar daddies might invite you to meet them in a private place rather than publicly. They use the pretext of protecting their privacy, however this is simply not a safe scenario for a sugar baby, especially if it’s the first meeting.

They might make an offer of money or gifts if you refuse to try and convince you to meet them privately. If this happens, then use your common sense!

These men are likely to have an unpleasant ulterior motive, and a real sugar daddy would never want to make you feel uncomfortable.

4. The Phishing Scam

Sometimes, a scamming sugar daddy will not ask you for financial support directly, but instead try to get you to disclose your personal information, such as your passwords, credit card numbers, and social security numbers. 

The information they obtain can be used to take whatever they want from you, and some might sell your personal information online.

This is where you should be cautious when searching for a sugar daddy and not post any personal information or respond to any odd emails.

5. The Blackmail Scam

Blackmail is something fake sugar daddies use to extort as much money out of you as possible. 

They could use your private photos, as mentioned above, or threaten to reveal your sugar dating activities to your friends and family if it’s something you want to keep secret.

They will ask you to pay them to keep quiet, and this might go on for more than just a one-off payment. Unfortunately, if you fall victim to this scam, you will become the sugar daddy!

10 Scams To Avoid As A Sugar Baby

How Sugar Daddies Might Scam You

There are a number of ways fake sugar daddies might target you, and they have some methods to get your personal information and money.

Here are those methods in more detail.

1. Bank Information Scam

Sugar daddies who are engaged in scams are most interested in your bank information. They’ll come up with all kinds of justifications to obtain your bank account’s username and password.

Making a deposit through their account officer in order to receive payroll allowances on a weekly or monthly basis is a typical example. They assert that you must provide them with your bank details in that situation.

Unfortunately, scammers can act as they choose after you give in, and the bank will find it difficult to recover your money. They can also use it to commit crimes, even if you offer them a new account with no money in it.

2. Cash App Scam

Cash App (see also: 5 Apps That Are Used By Sugardaddies)does a good job of protecting sugar babies’ privacy when they get money, but fake sugar daddies still find ways to take advantage of sugar babies. This can happen on any third-party money transfer app, including PayPal and Venmo.

When they believe the bond has been established, scammers will ask for your Cash App tag to transfer you money.

Once you’ve given it to them, they’ll email you a picture demonstrating the money’s pending transfer to your account due to transaction fees.

Or, the picture indicates that the money was successfully transferred to your account, but your Cash App is empty.

This is when the scammer will persuade you to pay them a portion of the transaction fees so you can receive your allowance, but this is a lie! Cash App doesn’t charge clearance fees, so the picture they sent you is definitely fake.

3. Temporary Payment Scam

This scam method is the most deceiving and the easiest to fall victim to, because the payment will actually be in your account.

With this scam, the payment you receive from the fake sugar daddy will eventually bounce back. Because you think the money is yours, you will spend it, of course, but once the check bounces, this will leave you in a massive amount of debt, depending on how much you’ve been given.

4. Social Media Scam

This scam is a combination of other methods that we’ve already mentioned. It is where the scammer will private message you with promises that sound too good to be true to try and get you hooked.

This is usually easy to spot, especially if you get these types of messages on Instagram. That’s why it’s important to stick to verified sugar dating websites, and keep an eye out for red flags.

5. The Sugar Daddy Loyalty Test Scam

Through this sugar daddy scam, sugar babies are persuaded to pay in advance.

To determine if you are trustworthy or not, they will first make a hefty allowance promise before fabricating a tale about how they were betrayed in the past.

Sending them a small amount of money or gift cards as assurance is the only method to demonstrate it.

The Sugar Baby Loyalty Test is what it is called. However, your role as a sugar baby is to provide companionship in exchange for cash. A real sugar daddy would never ask you for money, so this “loyalty test” is only used by scammers.

Final Thoughts

By being aware of the scams out there, you’ll be able to sugar date safely and find a sugar daddy that is genuine. It’s easy to fall victim, but with this guide, you’ll be more aware during your sugar baby journey.

Riley Wilson