Sugar Safety 101: What Are The Risks And Dangers Of Having A Sugar Daddy?

Sugar dating is enjoyable, and you’ll probably have a great time mingling and interacting with the various kinds of sugar daddies out there. But before you go, bear in mind that there will always be a few bad apples out to ruin the fun.

Sugar Safety 101 What Are The Risks And Dangers Of Having A Sugar Daddy

Even the top sugar dating websites have had instances of these perverts and scammers masquerading as prospective sugar daddies. By being aware of the risks and following our safety advice for sugar babies, you can prevent these people from ruining your fun.

Risks And Dangers Of Being A Sugar Baby

Third-Party Involvement

As you may well be aware, not all sugar daddies are single men. And it often doesn’t end well for sugar babies when their married sugar daddy is caught by an unsuspecting wife.

Having to exercise this much caution is not what being a sugar baby is all about; there will be a lot of sneaking around to avoid being caught by anyone who might know your sugar daddy’s wife.

You might be none the wiser when starting your relationship with your sugar daddy, so it’s important to find out as much information as possible about him so you can avoid this unpleasant situation.

The Sugar Scam

This is when a fake sugar daddy makes the sugar baby (see also: How Much Sugar Babies Make From Sugar Daddies [The Ultimate Guide])believe they have received or will receive money in their bank account.

They will then ask for some of the money back, and once they are paid, the fake will leave, canceling any pending transactions they might have made, and leaving you out of pocket.

Of course, this is not ideal, and unfortunately, it happens often, even on verified sugar daddy websites. If you fall victim to one of these scam artists, you’ll end up being the sugar daddy this time(see also: Can You Have A Sugar Daddy And A Boyfriend At The Same Time?)!


Going back to third-party involvement, if someone catches you with your sugar daddy, online or in person, you could be subjected to blackmail.

They might demand a large sum of money from you to keep quiet. This could be bad for you if you don’t want people to know that you’re a sugar baby.

Blackmail can also come from your sugar daddy; this can happen if he feels like he can’t control you the way he likes, or simply if he starts to panic about anyone finding out about his tastes.

It’s a reverse psychology tactic to exploit you into staying quiet and can be dangerous if he has any personal images of you or any information about you.


The extremely unsavory sugar daddies out there might resort to physical threats, and you could even find yourself in an abusive relationship with them.

Power is a big part of the sugar daddy lifestyle, and some exercise their power more aggressively than others. This could be very dangerous to your physical and mental health.

Sex Trafficking

In some horrific circumstances, you could become the newest victim of sex trafficking. While this is rare, as being a sugar daddy and sugar baby has become more popular, these criminals will take advantage of a new tactic wherever they can.

It’s awful to think about, but you need to be aware that, unfortunately, this does happen to some sugar babies.

Safety Tips For Sugar Babies

Protect Your Information

Protect Your Information

Your name, address, and place of employment or study. While it may seem harmless to divulge all of these things when you first start speaking with a possible sugar daddy, we strongly suggest keeping them to yourself at first.

You can divulge these specifics to your sugar daddy (see also: What Is PPM Sugar Daddy?)once you locate a win-win arrangement that suits you. But until you are certain that your sugar daddy is reliable, develop a fake identity that closely resembles your own personality and details.

Receive Gifts Wisely

Some prospective sugar daddy may offer to send you things. He might need the details of your bank account so he can send you a small present. Don’t hand it over to him. Instead, send him your PayPal address.

Create a P.O. Box so you can freely receive physical gifts from possible sugar daddies. Do not provide your true address to a prospective sugar daddy.

In fact, don’t provide any private information that can put you in danger unless you’re in a committed relationship with someone you know and trust.

Get A Sugar Phone Number

For this, Google Voice is incredibly useful. You can select from a database of available numbers from across the US with this free service. The calls that are made to your Google Voice number will then be automatically redirected if you link it to your actual phone line.

The requirement that each caller says their name out loud adds the convenience of allowing you to identify the caller before you accept. Skype is another option.

Although a Skype online number costs $20 for three months and requires credit to make outgoing calls, it works like a regular phone and allows you to entirely segregate your Skype call record from your personal phone.

Talk On The Phone Before Meeting

It can be challenging to determine someone’s personality over email, but you can learn a lot more about someone by talking to them on the phone for a short period of time. To get to know them a little bit better before a meeting, insist on a brief phone conversation.

Naturally, there will be some genuine sugar daddies who don’t have excellent phone manners, and you’ll want to give these guys the chance to meet in person.

However, you may also run into a few guys who give you the creeps over the phone; in this case, you can save yourself some time by removing him from your list of potential sugar daddies.

Do An Identity Check

While some sugar daddies would rather remain unidentified, the majority would offer you their name and phone number. You don’t need anything else to perform a reverse phone lookup.

You can learn their full name, address, whether they own a home, who else lives with them, and so on if you conduct a thorough search. Then, you may compare this information to what they’ve told you to determine if they are telling the truth or lying.

Searching for the person in a database of sexual offenders is another smart move. Many websites allow you to search databases by name and location.

Always Meet In Public

This rule applies to all online dating and is very evident. Even if you have been speaking with a potential sugar daddy for a while, the initial meeting should always take place in a public setting with lots of other people present.

A potential sugar daddy should never, under any circumstances, invite himself to your house. If he extends an invitation to his home or offers to pick you up in his car, politely decline and insist on meeting at a public spot and that he can hire you a taxi instead.

The Bottom Line

Being a sugar baby is great fun, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your safety. With this guide, you’ll be able to keep yourself safe from predators and scam artists, and identify red flags in your prospective sugar daddies.

Riley Wilson