Can You Have A Sugar Daddy And A Boyfriend At The Same Time?

In sugar dating, you are guaranteed to be taken care of in return for giving your love, time, and attention to an older, wealthier person. 

Millions of girls (and some boys) turn to becoming sugar babies in order to settle debts and receive financial support. Some even manage to leave their day jobs to become sugar babies full-time!

Can You Have A Sugar Daddy And A Boyfriend At The Same Time?

For many, sugaring is a somewhat side hustle while finishing school and paying loans. Why would you wait tables and deal with rude staff, when you could be wined and dined and get paid for it?

To say this lifestyle sounds appealing is an understatement, especially if you are in serious need of financial help. However, what if you’re already in a relationship?

The topic of whether you can become a sugar baby while in a relationship is controversial to say the least, so read on to learn more about it! 

What Is Sugaring? 

Before we delve deeper into this topic, let’s discuss what sugaring actually is. Sugar relationships refer to a transactional relationship between a wealthy, older individual, and a much younger person. 

The basis of the relationship is that the older party offers financial assistance in the form of allowances, and gifts, in exchange for companionship. Now, the terms of this relationship are discussed by both parties involved. 

Some sugar daddies simply want some company and someone to spoil, whereas others will expect more of an intimate relationship. 

Some sugar babies may have several sugar daddies (see also: What Does A Sugar Daddy Really Do For His Sugar Baby? [Plus Alternatives To Cash])who pay her an allowance, meaning she has several sources of income. 

On the other hand, some sugar babies prefer to only have one sugar daddy, and he may become more of a mentor – someone who provides for them and looks out for them. 

Are Sugar Relationships Safe? 

While many claim that these relationships are perfectly safe, there are a number of risks involved. 

If things become intimate, this makes the sugar baby a lot more vulnerable to manipulation, as the sugar daddy may refrain from making payments until certain needs (see also: What Is It Really Like To Have A Sugar Daddy? (Everything You Need To Know))are met. 

Aside from this, there is no legislation that monitors this part of the sex industry, like there is for prostitution, and there are therefore no protection laws to protect sugar babies who end up in dangerous situations. 

The public generally has a sugar-coated view of what sugar relationships are like, and this makes it hard to notice the signs of a dangerous situation. 

Therefore, those who choose to become involved in this industry must be very careful when selecting sugar daddies, and they must make their boundaries clear from the very beginning. 

Is It Possible To Be A Sugar Baby And Have A Boyfriend? 

Whether it is possible to have a sugar daddy and a boyfriend, depends entirely on each individual situation. The main question is whether all parties are aware of the relationships, and whether they’re on board with the arrangement. 

Some sugar babies are completely transparent with both their partner, and their sugar daddy, while others prefer to hide their ‘significant other’ from their partner, and their sugar daddy. 

In some situations, sugar babies lead a double life just to pay the bills, keeping this part of them a secret from their partner. 

However, as the main motive for becoming a sugar baby is for financial relief, some boyfriends choose to accept this form of work from their partner.

Can You Have A Sugar Daddy And A Boyfriend At The Same Time?

Is Having A Sugar Daddy Cheating? 

Each situation is unique, so there is no one answer to this question.

If you are hiding your sugar daddy from your partner, and you are engaging in intimate acts such as sex, then despite the fact you are solely doing it for financial help, it would be considered cheating to most people. 

However, if you are merely providing some company for another man without being physical with him, then it may be considered a side hustle for some cash. 

In some cases, sugar babies with boyfriends feel they are getting the best of both worlds. A boyfriend who supports them emotionally, and a sugar daddy who takes care of them financially.

That being said, if your partner is unaware of what your side hustle really is, then can you really face being around them without feeling guilty? 

How To Hide Your Sugaring From Your Partner

You may have considered all of your options, and decided you would like to keep this part of your life private from your partner. 

The choice is entirely up to you, so if you want to hide your sugaring life from your boyfriend, here are a few ways to do so. 

Make Your Profile Hidden

There would be few things worse than your profile being found by someone who knows your boyfriend, or any mutual friends you both may have. 

Many sugar daddy websites have an option where you can hide your profile.

While this means that you need to be the one to initiate contact with sugar daddies first, it does mean that you can sleep well at night knowing that no one you know will come across your profile. 

Change Certain Details 

If you aren’t able to make your profile private, then be sure to change certain details. You can alter your age (not too much!), your location, profession, and what you like to do for fun. 

You can also be artistic with the photo you choose, and make sure to use one that displays you from a certain angle where you will not be recognized. 

Change Your Location

In order to be successful in keeping this part of your life a secret, you’ll need to avoid being seen in areas where your boyfriend regularly goes to. 

Your best bet is to sugar in a different town. Change your location on the website to this particular location, and only meet up with your sugar daddy there. 

This will ensure that your boyfriend doesn’t run into you, and you won’t run into anyone else you know who may spill the beans. 

Keep It Top Secret 

While it may be tempting to tell your friends what you’ve been up to, if you’d really like to be safe, then it is best you refrain from telling anyone about this side hustle. 

Even those you truly trust could spill the beans to your significant other, so if you’re really serious about keeping this double life, it needs to be kept completely secret – take this to your grave! 

Should I Be Honest With My Boyfriend? 

As mentioned earlier, this does depend on each individual situation. There are cases where sugar babies are completely honest with their partners and sugar daddies, and all parties are comfortable with the arrangement. 

If keeping this from your boyfriend leaves you riddled with guilt, then it may be worth opening up to him and being honest about your reasons for doing this. You never know what his response will be! 

Final Thoughts 

While it is possible to have a sugar daddy and boyfriend, whether you can keep it up depends on the individual situation. 

Some women prefer to keep this life separate from her regular one, and others are completely transparent to both parties about what is going on. 

The choice is up to you.

Riley Wilson