What Is It Really Like To Have A Sugar Daddy? (Everything You Need To Know)

Sugar dating is a term that has a strong hold on the public, and its increase in popularity only makes this cultural phenomenon all the more intriguing.

What Is It Really Like To Have A Sugar Daddy? (Everything You Need To Know)

This form of dating refers to a transactional relationship between an older, wealthy person, and a younger individual who needs some financial assistance.

In return for payment, this younger individual will keep their wealthy ‘sugar daddy’ company in scenarios of their choosing. These can be in many forms, such as dates or vacations. This article will be discussing what it is like to have a sugar daddy.

The Role Of The Sugar Daddy?

As mentioned above, a ‘sugar daddy’ is the older, wealthier party in this transactional relationship. They will either provide ‘allowances’ in weekly or monthly installments to their ‘sugar babies’, or they may choose to pay by date.

Oftentimes, there is no fixed agreement, and ‘sugar daddies’ will gift their ‘sugar babies’ on a whim either by giving them money, buying them gifts, or taking them on vacation.

In most cases, ‘sugar daddies’ are looking for the affection that they are missing out on in their regular lives.

This could be because they are busy businessmen who do not have time for conventional relationships, or they are in loveless marriages and crave love and affection. Statistics show that the average ‘sugar daddy’ is 38 and makes $250,000 a year.

The Role Of The Sugar Baby

‘Sugar babies’ are usually young people who provide companionship to their ‘sugar daddies/mamas’ in exchange for financial support or gifts.

Many individuals become involved in these transnational relationships to either adhere to a certain lifestyle or to help pay off debts, such as school loans. Some ‘sugar babies’ have several ‘sugar daddies’, making this lifestyle their full-time job.

Other ‘sugar babies’ will go on several dates before receiving payments, whereas some won’t even meet for a coffee without prior payment. The same goes for receiving money. Some ‘sugar babies’ charge by the hour and others prefer a base pay-per-visit.

While some enter this agreement for money, others become involved in the hopes of finding a wealthy partner, and eventually, a husband. Every situation and relationship is different, and the terms of the relationship are usually discussed by the two parties involved.

How Does This Form Of Dating Begin?

These kinds of relationships/business transactions are almost always formed via online communication. There are several online sites available that are similar to regular dating websites.

These sites allow ‘sugar daddies’ and ‘sugar babies’ to create profiles outlining their wants, needs, interests, and so on. ‘Sugar babies’ and ‘sugar daddies’ are then able to chat and video call through this website if they are interested in each other.

Here they can arrange meet-ups and any business transactions moving forward.

Is There Sex Involved?

Is There Sex Involved?

These kinds of relationships can take many different forms. Some may develop into something more intimate, whereas others take the form of mentorship, with the ‘sugar daddy/mumma’ becoming someone the ‘sugar baby’ looks up to and turns to for advice.

Not every sugar relationship involves sex. This is usually something that is discussed in detail by both partners before beginning the relationship, but it is not a prerequisite before entering these kinds of partnerships.

Are Sugar Relationships Safe?

The safety around these relationships is something that is widely discussed. While many claim they are completely safe, others worry about links with sex work and trafficking.

The discussion around sex should be the first thing spoken about before engaging in this relationship, and boundaries need to be set from the get-go. However, if the sex boundary is crossed, it does leave ‘sugar babies’ vulnerable to manipulation.

The ‘sugar daddy/mumma’ may begin to withhold payments if certain sexual needs are not met. Since many people engage themselves in these relationships due to financial reasons, this could lead to them doing things they aren’t comfortable with in order to receive payment.

Unlike prostitution, there is no legislation to monitor this type of industry. There aren’t any protections in place to protect those who end up becoming victims of abuse at the hands of their ‘sugar daddies/mummas’.

Aside from these points, sugaring, at first glance, seems safer than prostitution, so some people who become involved find it harder to identify the risks. As they have a sugar-coated view of it, it makes them a lot more susceptible to predators and scammers.

The Differences Between Sugaring And Prostitution

Many believe that there are several similarities between sugaring and prostitution, but there are some differences that need to be addressed.

More Complexity

Prostitution involves a one-time sexual activity in return for payment. However, sugaring involves a constant means of ongoing communication and interaction.

A lot of the time, ‘sugar daddies’ will take their ‘sugar babies’ out for expensive meals, and on vacations. Yes, if sex is involved, it can mirror prostitution, but that is not always expected before engaging in the relationship.

Repetition And Development

As mentioned above, prostitution involves a one-time sexual encounter in return for payment. There is no development between the two parties involved. Sugaring, however, is more of a relationship that develops over time between the two people involved.

The partners will get to know one another through several different dates and in some cases, vacations. ‘Sugar daddies’ will also normally want their ‘sugar babies’ to stick around after sex, something that does not happen when it comes to prostitution.

The relationship, in general, is a lot more intimate and personal.


There is more freedom in sugaring than there is in prostitution. When it comes to choosing a partner, the ‘sugar baby’ is able to choose for herself from various websites and services.

Prostitution, however, depending on the situation, is a lot more limited when it comes to choosing partners. Many prostitutes will also have a ‘pimp’ who selects partners and protects them from any harmful situations.

Therefore, they are limited when it comes to choice, but they have some element of protein, as opposed to ‘sugar babies’ who must fend for themselves.

Final Thoughts

In summary, sugar relationships refer to the partnership between an older, wealthy individual, and a younger person who is in financial need.

This relationship works as a somewhat business transaction, where the ‘sugar baby’ provides companionship to their ‘sugar daddy’ in exchange for payment or material goods.

The rules of the partnership are discussed and set out by the two parties involved, and while sex is not a prerequisite of these relationships, it is something that inevitably ends up happening.

Many do think of sugaring as a form of prostitution, and while there are similarities, especially when sex is involved, sugar relationships tend to be more intimate and constant, as opposed to a one-time sexual meet-up.

While a lot of the time sugar relationships are perfectly safe, there are concerns over the safety of those involved, especially as this is not a regulated part of the sex industry.

Those who engage in these transactional relationships must make their boundaries clear from the get-go. This will ensure that no lines are crossed, and you remain as safe as possible.

Riley Wilson