What Does A Sugar Daddy Really Do For His Sugar Baby? [Plus Alternatives To Cash]

Many people are struggling financially, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Unemployment rates have skyrocketed, which has led people to find non-conventional forms of employment.

What Does A Sugar Daddy Really Do For His Sugar Baby? [Plus Alternatives To Cash]

One of these is referred to as sugaring. This is a form of transactional dating and involves an older, wealthy individual providing financial assistance to a younger person in return for companionship. 

The wealthier individual is known as a sugar daddy, and their partner is their sugar baby. This article will be discussing what a sugar daddy does for his sugar baby, as well as what alternative payments there are to cash. 

What Is a Sugar Daddy

Before diving right into what a sugar daddy is supposed to do for his baby, let’s discuss in detail what a sugar daddy actually is. 

Sugar daddies are boyfriend-like partners who offer financial benefits. They will often cover any tuition, loans, and bills, and will surprise their younger partners with gifts and in some cases, vacations. 

Before starting this transactional relationship, both parties will be clear on what they expect from one another. Sometimes it involves being intimate, but in other cases, it is mainly about the company. 

Some of these relationships take on a boyfriend and girlfriend-stance, whereas others turn into more of a mentee/mentor dynamic. In the latter dynamic, the sugar daddy feels gratification for being able to help and guide their sugar baby (see also: How Much Sugar Babies Make From Sugar Daddies [The Ultimate Guide])through life. 

What Does A Sugar Daddy Do For His Sugar Baby? 

Above all, a sugar daddy will provide for his sugar baby financially. This can be done in many different ways, depending on the agreement between the two parties. 

Sometimes a sugar daddy (see also: What Is PPM Sugar Daddy?)may pay his sugar baby’s rent, bills, or any debts she may have. Other times he may give her a monthly or weekly allowance or may do both of these. 

In other agreements, the sugar daddy may just pay their sugar baby per date. In this situation, the sugar baby will have a set rate for dates, and her sugar daddy will pay her this amount of money each time he sees her. This is more common for sugar babies who have multiple sugar daddies(see also: Sugar Safety 101: What Are The Risks And Dangers Of Having A Sugar Daddy?). 

Are There Any Alternatives To Cash? 

Each sugar relationship is different, and this depends on the kind of relationship that gets formed. 

Sometimes the payments will be strictly cash, but oftentimes, sugar daddies enjoy spoiling their sugar babies with all kinds of gifts. 

As mentioned earlier, they may sort out all of their sugar baby’s expenses, such as their mortgages, rent, bills, and any debt they may have accumulated. 

They may often take them on vacation, and invite them along to any business trips they go on for some company. 

What Does A Sugar Daddy Really Do For His Sugar Baby? [Plus Alternatives To Cash]

Tips For Being A Successful Sugar Daddy

Maintaining these relationships is not always easy. They take communication, patience, and understanding. Below are a few tips on how you can be a successful sugar daddy. 

Understand What It Is You Want

Once you’ve matched with a sugar baby of your liking, you’ll have a first meeting where you test out the chemistry. If you’d both like to go ahead with seeing each other, you’ll need to be clear on what you want, and come up with an arrangement. 

This is an arrangement that needs to work for both of you, so you need to be completely honest about what you want. Do you want this to be a sexual relationship? How will you provide for your sugar baby? How often do you expect to see each other? 

Take It Slow 

If you’re a first-time sugar daddy, then it can be easy to get carried away in the excitement of this new world.

However, it is important to take it slow. Your sugar baby needs to feel comfortable and safe around you, so once you’ve come up with an agreement, stick to it, and see where the relationship goes from there. 

In many ways you are supposed to look out for your sugar baby, so they must feel safe enough to rely on you. 

Respect The Boundaries

Before starting this relationship, you and your sugar baby (see also: 10 Scams To Avoid As A Sugar Baby)need to set some boundaries. Whatever these boundaries may be, it is crucial that you both respect them, otherwise you risk losing this relationship altogether. 

Some boundaries may include no intimacy, no calls during working hours, and only meeting up on certain days and times. 

Different Types Of Sugar Daddies

If you are new to this kind of relationship, then you may not be aware that there are different types of sugar daddies. 

Sugar dating is complex, and understanding the different kinds of sugar daddies can help you understand which one is more suited to you. 

Traditional Sugar Daddy

A traditional sugar daddy is what this article has referred to most. These sugar daddies are wealthy men who financially support at least one younger woman in return for companionship, and oftentimes, intimacy. 

Mentor Sugar Daddy

A mentor sugar daddy takes on more of a caring, father-like role. They will provide for their sugar babies in the same way as traditional sugar daddies, but they do not expect intimacy in return. Instead, they will mentor their sugar baby, and look out for them. 

Pay-Per-Meet Sugar Daddy

Pay-per-meet arrangements are more suited to sugar daddies who are too busy for more traditional arrangements. 

These arrangements involve pay-per-date meet-ups, rather than weekly or monthly allowances. 

Online Sugar Daddy

What Does A Sugar Daddy Really Do For His Sugar Baby? [Plus Alternatives To Cash]

Some sugar daddies feel fulfilled by just having a relationship online. They are perfectly happy to provide financial support to their sugar babies in exchange for some online exchanges. 

These are usually in the form of phone calls, video calls, and text messages. This is another option that is best suited for those who are busy and spend a lot of time away. 

Platonic Sugar Daddy

Some sugar daddies are interested in the power dynamic and gratification they feel when they treat their sugar babies well, but don’t expect any intimacy in return. 

Meet-ups between partners will usually be in the form of regular dates and travel, but they won’t spend the night together. 

Exclusive Sugar Daddy

These kinds of relationships mimic regular boyfriend and girlfriend relationships. Here, the sugar daddy will only have one sugar baby and vice versa. This type of arrangement is more common when intimacy is involved, and they often last for quite some time. 

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, a sugar daddy is a wealthy, older individual who provides financial support to you a younger individual in exchange for companionship. 

The two partners will come to an agreement on what kind of relationship they want to have. A lot of the time these relationships will become intimate, but they also often take on more of a mentor/mentee dynamic. 

Sugar daddies will often pay their sugar babies a monthly or weekly allowance, and may also pay for their expenses, such as rent, mortgages, bills, and any loans they may have. 

Aside from giving them cash, they may also surprise them with gifts and vacations. Many sugar daddies feel pleasure from spoiling their sugar babies, so gifting is very common in these kinds of relationships.

Riley Wilson