How To Talk To A Sugar Daddy

When you first start speaking to a new sugar daddy, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

This is especially true if this is your first ever sugar daddy, as it can take a while to get comfortable and familiar with the dynamic. 

How To Talk To A Sugar Daddy

Once you have a first date set up, you’ll want to be prepared for all of the different conversations that will come up. This includes various arrangements that you both might have, as well as allowance.

To find out more about how to speak to a sugar daddy, keep reading below as we take a closer look. 

On The First Date 

One of the first conversations you’ll have with your sugar daddy, provided that the online messages have gone to plan, is on your first date. This can be a particularly nerve wracking experience, as it will likely be the first time you’ve met them properly in person. 

A lot of sugar babies will place more emphasis on what they’re wearing, and their overall appearance, instead of conversation when first meeting a sugar daddy. 

Although making sure that you look presentable is very important, it’s really more about the connection that you can make between you and your sugar daddy through talking. 

When you first meet your sugar daddy, just start off with some polite conversation. Rather than jumping straight in and talking about heavy subjects such as finance, it’s best to keep things light. 

Essentially introduce yourself as you would on any other date. You can give some background on where you work, or which college you’re attending, along with some of your hobbies and interests.

Make sure that you don’t spend too much time talking about yourself however, because you want to give them the opportunity to present themselves to you too. 

Some things that you can ask them is what brought them to your mutual dating website, if they’ve ever been a sugar daddy before, and what they like about this particular dynamic. 

In addition, make sure not to complain or make any rude comments about those around you. You should always aim to be as ladylike as possible. This means no swearing or profanity either. 

Your sugar daddy (see also: How To Tell A Sugar Daddy What You Want)is in your company for a sense of escapism, so you don’t want to burden them with your problems, as this will disrupt the dynamic. 

Once you two are in a place where you’re comfortable with one another, and have gotten to know each other a little better, then you can move on to discuss the financial aspects of the arrangement. 

When Discussing Financial Matters

The financial aspect of your relationship is something that cannot be ignored, and needs to  be arranged early on.

First of all, before you have any kind of discussion about money with your sugar daddy, you should do some research yourself to see how much the average sugar baby earns. 

This way you’ll be able to go into the conversation with some kind of knowledge, and also won’t have an unrealistic amount in mind. 

The best way to negotiate the amount that your sugar daddy intends to pay you, is to simply allow him to make the offer first.

Stating the amount that you expect can come across as being too forthright, and might be off putting to your sugar daddy. This doesn’t mean that you should simply accept any amount that he offers, but just let him make the first. 

The amount that he offers you will tell you a lot about his financial situation. Those who are rich will offer you a good amount, and there will be very little need to barter.

Some sugar daddies, however, aren’t rich and subsequently won’t be able to afford your services. 

They might even try and bargain with you, and give poor justifications for the amount they’re offering. You shouldn’t feel pressured to accept these, however, as ultimately this is a formal arrangement, and you need to be paid for your services. 

If they propose an amount that is lower than you’d hoped, simply state politely that it will not be enough for you. You can then move on and find a sugar daddy who is more compatible with your expectations. 

Finally, you should also find out when he intends to pay you, and if he’s willing to pay directly after each meetup. 

Discussing Other Expectations

It’s difficult to give advice in this section, as all sugar daddy relationships are different, and have different expectations. 

One of the most important things that you’ll be required to address early on, is what kind of sexual relationship will exist between the both of you, and if there is one.

Some sugar daddies expect a sexual element to the relationship, so if this is something you’re not interested in, you’ll need to politely decline. 

Another thing you should talk about is how often you’d both like to meet up with one another. Some sugar daddies (see also: How To Be An Onlyfans Sugar Daddy)will want to meet up several times a week, but others will settle for once a month.

You can talk about this between yourselves to figure out what works for you. 

Make sure that if you live in completely different areas, and he wants you to travel to meet up with him, that he pays for all of your tickets. 

Final Thoughts

If you’ve never had a sugar daddy before, it can be difficult to know how to begin talking to them. On the first date, make sure to keep things light and just make polite conversation.

You can give him some information about yourself, as well as asking him plenty of questions. 

Wait a little longer to bring up topics such as finance and payment for your services.

Riley Wilson