How To Spot A Fake Sugar Daddy On Instagram

With more and more fake sugar daddies making appearances on young women’s social media platforms, it’s important to be aware of all the potential risks and problems that this can pose.

If you are on the search for a sugar daddy, you need to make sure that the person you’re talking to is the real deal.

How To Spot A Fake Sugar Daddy On Instagram

Always avoid sharing personal information about yourself and your family with strangers. In addition, don’t talk about financial matters early on, to avoid potential scammers.

There are a number of different ways that you can spot a fake sugar daddy on Instagram, so to find out more, keep reading below. 

The Quick Answer 

You can spot a fake sugar daddy quite easily on Instagram.

Essentially, if you’re receiving messages from a stranger, completely out of the blue without any indication that you’re interested in being a sugar baby, it’s a scam. 

You’ll notice that something is up by taking a look at their profile. If they’re fake, they’ll normally have a strange profile picture that looks a little off, as well as the other images on their profile. 

They might also have a strange style of texting, which feels uncomfortable and contrived.

Furthermore, if they contact you asking for financial information in order to send you gifts, they’re definitely not the real deal. 

What Is A Sugar Daddy?

Sugar daddy relationships have become more and more popular in recent years, especially amongst college students. It typically involves a dynamic between a younger female, and an older male. 

The older male, who usually has some degree of wealth in order to pay for the service, will give the sugar baby money to spend time with him.

There are different expectations in place for what the sugar daddy(see also: Top 10 Best Places To Find Sugar Daddies In Florida) expects, and no two relationships are the same. 

Sometimes there will be a sexual element to the relationship, but this is something that needs to be discussed early on. 

Make sure that if you are interested in seeking out a sugar daddy, that you do so on a legitimate website. There are several different dating sites on the internet that are made with this specific purpose in mind.

This is why, if you get a message from a so-called sugar daddy on Instagram, (see also: How To Find A Sugar Daddy On Instagram)it’s probably not the real deal. 

To find out some tips about spotting a fake sugar daddy (see also: How To Find A Sugar Daddy On OnlyFans [Top Tips])online, keep reading below. 

Tips For Spotting A Fake Sugar Daddy On Instagram

There will be several different giveaways when spotting a fake sugar daddy on Instagram.

Always look out for these things when somebody claiming to be a sugar daddy messages you on the social media platform. 

1. Image

This is important because it’s likely the first thing you’ll notice when somebody new messages you.

Take a good look at their profile image to assess whether it’s fake or not, as well as the other images they’ve shared as posts previously. 

If there are very few images, or all of the images were posted at the same time, then they’re a fake. It’s easy to tell whether a profile is fake or not, and you’ll be able to assess whether it’s a real person based on this. 

2. Name

Another thing that may help you to figure out whether the person is legit or not, is the name that they’ve chosen for their profile. Does it sound like a real human being’s name? Or, does it sound false and phishy. 

3. Style Of Conversation

Because we spend so much of our time communicating with friends and family over text messages, we know what real, authentic conversations sound and feel like.

If you’re being messaged by a fake sugar daddy, you’ll likely be able to tell from the contrived nature of their conversation. 

If the language feels off, and they have an odd texting style, steer clear because they’re likely a scammer.

Getting a message out of the blue is a sure fire sign too, as regular people wouldn’t message a stranger about such a personal topic.

4. Asking For Photos

If you’ve engaged with the person online, and they’ve begun asking for photos and videos of you very early on in the conversation, you should be very careful.

They might offer you money in exchange for racy photographs of you, and if this happens, make sure that you report and block them. 

If you send them photos, they could use this as a tool for blackmail early on, or share them online. 

5. Asking For Financial Details

Another common thing that fake sugar daddies do in order to prey on unsuspecting women, is by offering them gifts online.

This is a common phishing scam, where the sugar daddy will ask for your bank details in order to send you gifts and money. 

They will usually tell you to choose an expensive gift online, whilst promising to give you the money after you’ve already made the transaction.

Another trick they use is saying that the gift they’ve bought is in customs, and asking you to send money to cover the cost. Beware of this, as it’s most certainly a scam.

Make sure to report the profile, to prevent other women from being preyed on, as well as blocking them yourself to stop them from sending you any further messages. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, it is easy to spot a fake sugar daddy on Instagram, as they will likely have a profile that seems fake, with very little photos up and strange usernames.

You’ll also be able to spot a fake sugar daddy if they start asking you to send photos and videos of yourself in exchange for money, as well as your financial details.

Riley Wilson