Don’t Let Content Theft Go Unnoticed: DMCA Takedown Services to the Rescue!

Content theft is not OK. We know that there are a lot of people that try to justify the theft of content in their minds. However, at the end of the day, you are just snatching cash away from the people that spent time, money, and effort producing that content. Just like any product, people deserve money for what they create.

If you are a content creator, then you will know all too well just how easy it is to pirate things. Even the smallest of content creators have had their content pirated, often putting a massive dent in their potential income. Don’t let content theft go unnoticed. Invest in a quality DMCA takedown service, just like

What Is a DMCA Takedown Service?

Back in the late 1990s, US legislators realized just how easy it was for digital piracy to happen. They knew they had to give content creators the tools to prevent their content from being stolen. Implementing international treaties on intellectual property, they came up with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, more commonly referred to as the DMCA. 

Under this act, if any content creator believed an online platform based in the United States hosted a pirated version of their content, a DMCA takedown notice or request would be filed. The website owner would then be legally bound to remove the stolen content from its website, otherwise, it would face a copyright lawsuit. This copyright law measure is also applied to search engines who would have to remove any links to pirated content if requested to do so.

More about DMCA takedown notice

This was great during the early days of the Internet. There was some piracy, but it was easy to send takedown notice requests as if you were the victim of privacy, you would only have a couple of such notice requests to send. Nowadays? There are over 8,000 mainstream piracy websites, and links are going up on them almost constantly. For any content creator, tracking down pirated content is hard enough, let alone sending takedown notice requests. This is where a DMCA takedown notice website and service comes in.

Companies like us here at DMCAForce provide automated takedown services. Our goal is to track down the sites that are playing host to your content and send DMCA takedown notices. It is all automated, and thousands of takedown notices can be sent each day. Nowadays, this is the only way to properly combat piracy. If you ignore the problem, it will get out of hand. It will cost you money. 

Why Needed For Their DMCA Handling 

While DMCAForce has worked with many different companies over the years, some of our favorites to work with are the new entries to the market. These are the companies that are producing quality content and know the importance of protecting it right away. The training course was one of these companies. is an information company. The site teaches sugar babies to find sugar daddies. The content on their site and training products is absolutely packed with value. While they are a fairly recent launch, women from sites like OnlyFans are flocking to them. This is because women want to know how they can score oodles of cash from sugar daddies. Success was fantastic for the team at, all of whom poured a lot of time and effort into their content. Of course, success came at a price. A price that could potentially have killed their business.

Whenever a product gets successful, people want to get their hands on it. While many are willing to pay, a lot are not. This means that they start searching for pirated versions of the training. For some reason, people feel that they are entitled to somebody else’s hard work. This is something that has always baffled us, really. You don’t have the automatic right to something created by another person. noticed early on that they were losing a tremendous amount of sales to pirates. This was a product of their success. While they initially filed takedown notices themselves, they couldn’t keep up. it was taking time away from the development of their site. This is when they reached out to us here at DMCAForce. 

With the DMCA takedown services firmly in the hands of us here at DMCAForce, we started to automatically trawl the major piracy websites for the theft of content. Within days, we were sending out a takedown request after a takedown request. Hundreds, if not thousands, of links, were pulled from websites and search engines. 

By putting their DMCA handling in our capable hands, could continue to develop brilliant content, safe in the knowledge that our automatic scanning and DMCA handling software was helping to cut down on privacy. 

The Cost Of Piracy To Site Owners

A lot of people seem to think that piracy isn’t a major issue for the smaller content and internet service providers. It is. Sure, movies, TV shows, and music tend to get pirated a lot more. However, people love to not pay for things. So, if a smaller content provider is producing content that they want, many people will try to pirate it.

Each year, billions of dollars worth of digital content alone is lost to piracy. About a quarter of all internet traffic is piracy-related, and 50% of all internet users pirate at least once per year. This isn’t an isolated problem at all.

Sure, if you are a smaller content provider, you are probably not going to be overwhelmed with pirates. However, it is still a problem that you can’t ignore. Each person that pirates your content is a lost sale. This could cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year. Bigger content producers lose tens of thousands of dollars to piracy.

Protect yourself from stolen content

If content theft is left unchecked, the content will spread like wildfire. It becomes harder and harder to reign the content theft in. This is why it is brilliant that noticed pretty early on that they needed a team to handle their DMCA takedown requests. It meant that links could be removed way before the problem got out of hand. So, if you are about to launch a new product, no matter the type, then it may be worth investing in DMCA takedown services right away, long before any piracy has occurred. It is an investment that could pay off. 

Why Sites Should Combat Copyright Fraud

You already know that DMCA takedown services can help protect your income sources. Each link to pirated content removed is a removed opportunity for people to steal your content. This can lead to an increase in the number of sales, much like what saw. However, an increase in sales isn’t the only reason DMCA takedown services are important. 

Saves Time

Companies on youtube really don’t like to receive DMCA requests. Pirated video sites especially, since they are dealing with them almost every single day. This makes it incredibly difficult for a DMCA to be filed with them. While some sites, like Google, have a quick form that you can fill a takedown form in, your average stolen content host on youtube doesn’t. They legally have to accept the requests if they are located in the US, but they don’t have to make it easy.

One of the reasons why people ignore content theft is because of how hard it is to file a DMCA request. They think that a single link isn’t going to impact them, so there is no reason to go on an epic hunt through a site in the hope of finding out the answer to how to file a DMCA. This is exactly the behavior that pirate sites want you to have. Don’t let them win.

When you use a DMCA takedown service, like the one we have here at, all of these requests are automated. We know the exact process needed to send the requests to each site. This means that they have no choice but to take notice. Don’t let them get away with the theft of your content. 

Because You Spent Time and Effort Producing The Content

Even if you are not actively earning money from your product, you probably still don’t want somebody waltzing away and profiting from it, right? Your time and effort went into producing something that we have no doubt is absolutely fantastic. Why should you lose access and control of it?

Take, for instance. A good chunk of content on their site is free. We still protect that content for them, though. This is because they don’t want permission for somebody else to leech off of their hard work and data. They don’t want people using that data for content in YouTube videos, rewriting for websites, etc. They want to have complete control over their content.

We regularly work with organizations, people, and organizations that have OnlyFans accounts who aren’t too fussed about the lost income from their content being posted on piracy websites. Their biggest concern is the loss of their privacy. To them, without permission and writing about it feels like permission is a violation of their body. That they have lost complete control.

If you let content theft go unnoticed, it is an issue. The theft of your content is a theft of your creativity. Don’t let it happen. 

Because It Helps Other Content Creators

It benefits every single content creator to have their website with as few links to pirated content as possible. If a website constantly has DMCA requests filed against it, it will eventually be removed from search engines. They may even end up losing their web host.

When you file claims against sites that host stolen content, you are not only protecting your income stream but the income stream of every content provider out there. Everybody deserves to earn money from their creative endeavors, and you will help them do this. 

It Keeps People Focused On Your Paid Content

Many online content creators have often found pirated content listed on the search engine results page. In some cases, pirated content may even outrank their own content. So, not only are they losing potential sales to pirates, but they aren’t even getting hits on their website.

If you ignore sending DMCA takedown requests, it is not uncommon for popular piracy websites to overtake the search engine results page. It makes doing your SEO hard. This is why it is so important for companies to invest in getting those DMCA requests sent to Google. The sooner the pöriated links are removed from the search engine results, the less of an issue it will cause. 

Understanding the digital millennium copyright act

If you want to watch and see how much of an issue this is, watch: Google the name of your favorite OnlyFans star. We can almost guarantee that at least one of the links on the first page will be pirated content. This isn’t fair to the OnlyFans performer.


How Long Does It Take to File a DMCA?

With automated takedown services, the takedown process of filing a DMCA request takes minutes. In many cases, pages that play host to pirated content will be removed within a few days. In rare cases, it could take weeks or months.

Do Sites Have To Listen To a DMCA?

If they are based in the US, then yes. They have a legal obligation to remove the content. If they do not remove the content, then a lawsuit can be started against them. 

Can You Send a DMCA To a Site Outside The US?

You can, although the site may not always listen to the request. If the site is based outside the US, having the site removed from the search engines would be a much better course of action. 

Final Thoughts – Can Help With DMCA Takedown Services

Whether you are a show owner, big or small content producer or social media platform owner, you shouldn’t let content theft go unnoticed. If you invest in DMCA takedown services, you can earn more cash from your content, just like A DMCA takedown notice can help you in many ways!

Reach out to the team here at if you want to find out more about how our DMCA takedown packages can suit you. Our packages will be carefully tailored to the needs of your business, and can easily adapt as you produce more content. 

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